New Improved Camera Available

This new camera offers a better, truer image quality (what you see through the eyepieces is what you see on the screen), improved ease of use as the camera automatically adjusts between brightfield, darkfield and dry blood settings (no need to manually adjust exposure settings) and a faster frame rate, ensuring less lag in the live video feed.

Price $985.

Delivery: DHL: $69 and Airmail: $55.




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Microscope for Live Blood Analysis

A Really Great Microscope Offer!

A demo microscope that has never been used and comes as new with 2 year warranty!

This microscope has been used for demonstration only by Dr Okker our course  tutor. It is the top of the range HD LED system and the price is $4,668 which is a massive saving of almost $1,000. We are also including free shipping.
This is a huge saving! See regular website prices here. These demo models don’t become available often so if you are looking for a microscope, this is the time to buy yours. This won’t be around for long!
Email us if you are interested or if you have any questions.
Join us for the next Live Blood Analysis Online Training Course.

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How to choose a Microscope

How to choose a Microscope

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For optimal performance your microscope’s specifications need to be suited to its particular application.

Live Blood microscopy involves the analysis of live and dry blood samples in brightfield and darkfield, each with its own set of unique microscope requirements. Read more