Live Blood Analysis Training

If you are looking for the most in-depth live blood analysis training course and dark field microscopy training you are in the right place!

Our interactive and fascinating live blood cell analysis training course is $799 (USD) and offers live blood analysis practitioners a unique edge as well as enabling the analyst to understand his/her client’s individual state of health on a much deeper level.

Live blood analysis practitioners certified by Live Blood Online have been trained to a very high standard and level of proficiency.

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The live blood analysis 12 week training courses are held 3 times per year in January, April and September
and can be joined at any time.

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Darkfield Microscopes

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Online Training Course

The Online Training Course

We offer regular 12 week online interactive live blood cell analysis training courses. You may take the live blood analysis training course in the comfort of your home or office. Live Blood Online will send you recordings of the one hour weekly lessons which you can view as many times as you want. This is convenient for students in different time zones.

Live Blood Analysis

About Live Blood Analysis

In live blood cell analysis a tiny pinprick of blood is put on to a glass slide. Using a high powered specialized dark field microscope with camera, the blood cells are magnified up to 4000X. The camera projects a picture of the live blood cells onto a screen. The live blood analysis practitioner and client can then view the live blood cells together.



Not all microscopes are created equally. For optimal performance your microscope’s specifications need to be suited to its particular application of live cell analysis . We offer all the expert information and advice you need to choose the right microscope for your particular needs. We also train you to use your microscope with expertise, confidence and proficiency.

What Our Students Are Saying

I am really enjoying the course, it is just what I wanted. I find the explanations by pictures and videos very helpful. I am not able to attend all the webinars so I can study the recorded webinars and catch up in my own time

Pierre Margetides, Naturopath, London

Thank you. I received my microscope with stated material. I truly appreciate all you are doing to help people help themselves. After over 47 years researching and teaching natural healing and natural medicine, I have finally lived long enough to see the world embrace both. You and Elizabeth are part of the forefront of truth seekers and educators. May you continue to be blessed as you are a blessing.

Dr. James Chappell

I’ve taken many online courses over the years, but I find that what Elizabeth & Dr. Okker are doing with the LBA training is very exciting and thorough. Dr. Okker answer all of our questions. He is very very knowledgeable. You definitely have my recommendation!

Dr. Donald E. Harris

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