My Amazing Live Blood Analysis Results

Posted on December 1, 2012 by Barbara Hattemer

When I returned home from my summer in Maine, the first thing I did was make an appointment with my Health Coach for a live blood test. I have stayed on the Plant-based Alkaline Diet for two years now. When I first went to her, I had all kinds of parasites and bacteria in my blood and an excessive amount of fungus, Candida, and heavy metals. My red blood cells were stuck together in unhealthy spirals, and my white blood cells were not moving. She gave me a grade of F on my blood condition.

This time I received an A. My blood looked nearly as healthy as hers and she said I could now occasionally enjoy some of the foods I had given up. Every red blood cell was floating freely and my healthy white blood cells were moving nicely. The fungus and Candida were gone as were most of the heavy metals. The parasites were so diminished they were no longer a problem.

On top of that, I had lost 34 lbs. without even trying. Happy Day!

I give you these personal details in an effort to convince you that healthy eating really does make a difference. It can add years of activity to your life and help you maintain a healthy brain as well.

Picture of my blood the end of 2010

Live Blood Analysis Training

Picture of my blood now in 2012

Live Blood Analysis Training

My Health Coach, a live blood analyst, had just returned from a major international conference of Alternative Medicine Experts that was put together by an American M.D., Dr. Edward Kontrot.

He is an ophthalmologist and has spent 20 years searching for safe alternative treatments that can improve vision without drugs and surgeries. His website is

When she presented her findings on the effects of healthy eating on a person’s blood, she captured the attention of the entire conference and received the first prize for making the greatest contribution to the conference and the advancement of alternative health practices.

Her knowledge comes from studying under four different microscope doctors. She has a machine that multiplies the size of your blood 18,000 times so you can clearly see everything in it. Unfortunately medical doctors do not receive this training in medical school and do not believe that all these things are in our blood. Their training is to name a disease and prescribe a drug for it. Very often they suggest that it is an inherited disease when it could just as well be the result of your unhealthy drinking and eating habits. Just this past week I read in our local newspaper that deaths caused by medical drugs or a combination of drugs are increasing. How much better it would be to change to a healthier lifestyle than to put so many harmful chemicals and toxins into your body.

One of the things she presented was a chart taken from The Fungal/Mycotoxin Etiology of Human Disease, Vol.2, 1994.

Pathogenic Microorganisms
Honey 5 million per cup
Milk 5 million per cup
Butter 7 million per cup
Eggs 37 million per egg
Cheese 100 million per serving
Ice Cream 225 million per serving
Beef, Poultry, Fish 336 million per serving
Average American Meal 750 million to 1 billion per meal
Average Vegan Meal 500 per meal

Pathogenic Microorganisms are basically the same as parasites and bacteria of varying sizes and maturity. Large numbers of them in the blood can lead to many different illnesses. We take them into our bodies primarily in the food we eat.

The above chart is hard to believe, but you can clearly see the advantage of a plant-based (Vegan) diet. Even after eating this way for two years and having seen the dramatic decrease in the parasites in my own body, I still find it amazing that so many parasites find their way into our bodies through what we eat.

Seeing your own blood magnified 18,000 times on a screen is all it takes to become convinced that your body is full of them.

Alternative practitioners believe that toxins in the blood, heavy metals, lack of oxygen, and poor diet lead to neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases.

What has worked for me is eliminating animal products and flour products. Dr. Young, the best alternative doctor in the United States recommends eating primarily the following and has given us an easy way to remember it:

C Green chlorophyll products – green vegetables
O Oxygen and good oil – coconut, grape seed, and olive
W Water – clean with minerals in it
S Himalayan Salt or sea salt, not American salt

You can read the book The PH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Drs. Robert and Shelly Young (order the updated 2010 version from his website rather than Amazon) or call them in San Diego. Their phone number is on their website:

A second book that you may find helpful is Rainbow Green Live-food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens, M. D.

Dr. Raymond Hilu is considered the top alternative M. D. in the world. He presently operates a clinic in Europe but may soon open one in the United States.  He uses live blood analysis to diagnose your condition and create a program to correct imbalances. He believes that poor diet and the build up of toxins are the root causes of all disease. His website is fascinating and particularly informative if you have cancer.

As I read a wide variety of medical newsletters, I see that more and more physicians and organizations are promoting a plant-based diet.

Have any of you tried one and had good results?

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