The best microscopes for live blood analysis – We Recommend the Universal NE-2050 Blood Analysis System

We have looked at the specifications, price and quality of what is currently available on the market. The 8 reasons for recommending this system are:

1. Convenience: it is easy to set up, transport (if needed) and operate.

2. Reliability: These microscopes are constructed from high quality, durable materials, ensuring a high degree of reliability and a minimum amount of downtime. Many cheaper brands save costs by using inferior materials, which result in excessive wear and tear of the essential components, ultimately resulting in the microscope breaking down and requiring extensive repair. Some brands even utilise cast iron to manufacture the gears in the focusing mechanism which can result in damage.

3. Easy Maintenance: The systems are easy to maintain and if there are any parts that need to be replaced, the parts are inexpensive and the repair can be carried out by the practitioner him/herself. The fact that parts are available ensures minimum downtime.

4. This Microscope is specifically designed for live & dry blood analysis: There are no unnecessary features and parts that won’t be used in a live blood analysis session. Some of the microscopes have additional filters built into the microscope, which result in the practitioner having to check additional settings to ensure that the system is correctly set up each time for the analysis.

The standard system comes with 5 objectives, giving the user the various levels of magnification required for all the techniques in blood analysis. There is no need to purchase additional objectives to be able to perform the full analysis.

The camera setup is set to the correct settings to allow for the different lighting conditions in live blood – brightfield, live blood – darkfield & dry blood.

5. The software is user-friendly, allowing the user to focus on the analysis of the sample, rather than the operation of the system. Still images can be taken and videos can be recorded with a single click. Images and videos are automatically saved without requiring the analyst to save them individually.

6. High Maximum Magnification:
This live blood analysis system is one of the very few that offers a total magnification of 4000X. Most microscopes are only capable of a maximum magnification of 1000X, but these systems have a 40X lens built into the video turret. This allows the system to achieve a maximum magnification on the video screen of 4000X and 1000X through the eye pieces. Most microscopes that can go beyond 1000X achieve this by means of a digital zoom in the camera, resulting in a poor quality, pixilated image. The magnification achieved with this system is by means of an additional lens, which provides a high quality, clear image through optical magnification.

7. High Quality Optics: The optics are based on Nikon specifications and design. The microscope itself is manufactured under strict quality controls in a factory in Japan that has been manufacturing laboratory and surgical microscopes for more than 30 years.

8. Experience: I have personally worked teaching & tutoring live blood microscopy for nearly 14 years and have trained practitioners on a variety of different microscopes, ranging from high-end, expensive microscopes to cheaper, entry-level microscopes. The Universal NE-2050 Blood Analysis System that we are recommending offers the best quality setup at the best price. The image quality is comparable to the high-end microscope brands, without their high price. This is the same system I have been using for the past 10 years and I have had the experience of its ease of use and reliability for myself personally. (Dr Okker)

The microscopes are manufactured in Japan in a factory that specialises in the manufacturing of microscopes for laboratory and surgical use and has over 20 years’ experience in producing reliable and durable systems. Finding a product of high quality at a competitive price is becoming increasingly difficult due to the large number of products from China. This system is priced competitively and features high-quality optics.

Prices and ordering the NE-2050 Blood Analysis System:

1 Standard System with Halogen Illumination (50W) $4,999

2 Standard System with HD* $5,411

3 LED Illumination (9W, equivalent to 90-100W halogen)** Standard System $5,250

4 HD System $5,661

(Payments are in USD) Click here for currency converter

*The benefits of HD imaging:
There is a growing demand for HD imaging in microscopy since monitors and cameras are becoming more commonplace. The camera and capture device both provide full HD resolution. Although the captured images will be larger in size, the resolution is extremely good. This is ideal where a large monitor, or a HD monitor will be used and for clients who are looking for the best image quality that modern imaging technology can provide.

**The benefits of LED illumination:
LED lights provide pure white light and have a much longer lifespan than halogen bulbs. The LED lamps also do not produce any heat. The LED illumination produces more brightness (comparable to 90-100W halogen lamp), which is very useful in darkfield.

This package includes everything required in a microscope to practice live & dry blood analysis.
Delivery currently approximately 3 weeks, call or email for confirmation.

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