A male client of 54 years of age who is on medication for high blood pressure and arthritis. He is complaining of fatigue, headaches and sinus problems.

His diet is not very balanced and includes a lot of sandwiches, wheat-based cereal and some fast food. He drinks 2 glasses water daily on average, some soft drinks and coffee.

This is what showed in his live blood analysis:

Uric Acid

Uric Acid Crystals

Grade: 4/5

These occur as a result of poor digestion of dietary protein and/or poor elimination of uric acid. The system is acidic and some degree of inflammation may be present.

Grade: 4/5
Indicative of oxidative damage / free radical damage from a state of toxicity and/or dehydration. Poor elimination of intrinsic toxins / high exposure to extrinsic toxins / pollutants, drugs / prescription medicine

Grade: 2/5
Usually associated with chronic conditions and the presence of bacterial phases of the ecological balance. This is due to an acidic and unbalanced terrain.

Grade: 4/5
Represent advanced parasitism and ecological imbalance, due to a chronically acidic and unbalanced terrain

Bowel Pattern
Observed in Layers 6, 7 Grade: 3/5
This appearance is seen with bowel challenges that may include bowel inflammation (colitis, enteritis), leaky gut syndrome, strictures, diverticula, IBS and poor tissue integrity.

Segmented PPP’s
Observed in Layers: 6, 7
Grade: 2/5
Usually associated with parasitic infestation of the liver – usually by liver flukes.

Sialic Acid in PPP 
Observed in Layers: 4, 5 & 6
Grade: 2/5
This pattern is connected to a high level of cellular damage through oxidation / free radical damage. There may be connective tissue or joint problems and possible degeneration.

Toxicity Pattern 
Observed in Layers: 4, 5 & 6
Grade: 4/5 
This is an indication of toxicity in areas outside of the organs and lymphatic system.

Connective Tissue Pattern
Observed in Layer 3 
Grade: 4/5
An indication of high levels of acidity / toxicity in the connective tissues. Usually a coping mechanism to deal with chronic acidity / toxicity

Lymphatic Congestion
Observed in Layers: 1 & 2 
Grade: 4/5
An indication of lymphatic congestion, sore or swollen lymph nodes (‘glands’) fluid imbalance and water retention. Connected to acids & toxins in the lymphatic system.


Many years of prescription medication has left a print of toxicity in this clients system, as evident in both the live and dry blood analysis.
An abundance of poikilocytes and a brownish uric acid crystal shows toxicity.
This was echoed with a toxicity pattern appearing in 3 layers of the dry blood along with the “toxins outside of organs” region and also lymphatic congestion, indicating toxins being deposited in the tissue.
There are also strong signs of acidity which would be contributing to his joint pain and inflammation.
Uric acid crystals, thecits and actively motile chondrits indicate that his internal terrain is unbalanced and possibly becoming too acidic.
In the dry blood, seeing sialic acid inside the PPPs show further evidence to acidity that would cause joint pain.
A segmented PPP and black bulges indicate the possibility of parasite infestation (most likely liver flukes).


Quite a lot can be achieved here by some basic dietary changes, like increasing water intake, eating more of a natural, balanced diet and avoiding fast foods, alcohol and caffeine.
We suggested a 2-week detox diet, (with fresh juicing if possible).

Adding lots of alkaline vegetables to his diet and an alkaline-forming supplement, such as Chlorella, Barley grass or an Alkalizing powder.
His unhealthy lifestyle choices has influenced his health and he needs motivation to change his habits radically.
Live Blood Analysis provided the visual proof needed which gave him the motivation to make changes.
Most importantly we looked at an anti-parasite protocol to clear those liver flukes.
The flukes release toxins and acidic by-products, which would aggravate the other anomalies and add to the acidity.

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