Oxidative Stress/Dry Blood Analysis

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Dried blood analysis (also referred to as the Oxidative Stress Test (OST) is covered in detail in the live blood online training course. With dry blood analysis we are able to assess oxidative stress by looking at a number of anomalies. We are also able to see the extent of oxidative damage in the live [...]

Interesting facts about red blood cells

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Red blood cells (RBCs) which are formed in the red bone marrow and are stored in the body’s reservoir for the blood, namely the spleen, comprise the greatest majority of the formed elements in the blood. The average RBC is approximately 8 micrometers (µm) in diameter and has a life span of 110 to 120 [...]

Advanced Live Blood Analysis Online Training Course 2018

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Advanced live blood analysis online training course May 9th 2018 Our advanced live blood analysis online training course is for practitioners who have completed the live blood analysis 12-week online training course, or another course that covers live and dry blood analysis, who are looking for more clinical insights into the technique, and for those [...]

Is Live Blood Analysis/The Oxidative Stress Test For You & Your Practice?

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A very interesting webinar to demonstrate and explain how live blood analysis and the oxidative stress test can be of great benefit to you and your practice Please watch this very interesting video/webinar that demonstrates and explains how live blood analysis and the oxidative stress test can be of great help in your practice by [...]

Live Blood Analysis Training at Half Price!

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  If you are considering adding live & dry blood analysis to your existing practice, we are currently offering the training course at half price with the purchase of one of our microscopes. Please see our microscopes here https://livebloodonline.com/microscopes/ Our microscopes are manufactured in Japan in a factory that specialises in the manufacturing of microscopes [...]


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(In live blood analysis parasites are indicated by small black bulges that can be signs of toxins left behind by parasites) According to the August 2000 issue of Discover magazine, most people have multiple parasites inhabiting their bodies. Recent research has shown that parasites are much more powerful than scientists originally believed. In fact, it [...]


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[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color='' admin_preview_bg=''] The Oxidative Stress Test in Live Blood Online We are now on week 10 of the current course, covering The Oxidative Stress Test. This is also known as Dry Blood Analysis or Dreid Blood Analysis where a slide is applied to a pinprick of blood 8 times to get 8 [...]

Uric Acid Crystals

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These appear as crystals that look like broken glass, yellow-green (brightfield) and highly reflective (darkfield). These occur as a result of poor digestion of dietary protein and/or poor elimination of uric acid. The system is acidic and some degree of inflammation may be present. Improving protein digestion is very important. Digestive enzymes are usually used [...]

Cholesterol Crystals Seen In Live Blood Analysis

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Many different types of crystal formations can be observed in live blood samples and vary greatly in size, shape and colour.   They always appear as solid objects that are usually much larger than red blood cells. Crystal formation in the blood is a sclerotic process that is related to inflammation. The presence of crystalline [...]


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