What Can Live Blood Analysis Do To Help You?

Dr Okker – the tutor at Live Blood Online has been teaching LBA as well as utilising it in his practice for nearly 20 years now – he says –

“LBA will most likely be one of the most valuable tests or modalities that you can add to your practice” 

He goes on to say that “Working without LBA is like a dentist trying to work without an X-Ray machine, it’s possible to do it but having an X_Ray machine makes a dentists work much easier – AND – most patients would prefer to see a dentist that has all the necessary tools available to him or her” 

Please watch the video below to learn more about this fascinating analysis:


Live Blood Analysis Microscope for Sale

We have a dark field microscope for sale that  has been put together especially for live blood analysis practitioners who need a fully-capable brightfield & darkfield blood analysis system at the best possible price.

This entry-level microscope system has been designed to give practitioners all the essential features to allow live blood analysis practitioners to view live and dry blood samples properly, without the analysis being compromised by a poor quality system.


This live blood analysis microscope is a very well-built system that is affordable, without compromising on darkfield and brightfield quality.

The system can be upgraded with the optional extras at a later stage.

Price: $3,775 (USD)

Free international shipping included (for a limited time only).

The main differences between this unit and our top-of-the range live blood analysis microscope system ($5661.00) is the number of objectives, the camera and the light source:


Entry Level System HD-LED System
Objectives: 4X



(with space to add another 2 objectives)





100X (Oil)

Camera: USB2.0 camera (1280 x 1024 resolution) USB3.0 HD camera (2048 x 1534 resolution)
Light Source: 7W LED (equivalent to 75W halogen) 9W LED (equivalent to 100W halogen)


The 20X objective is used to assess the white blood cell count, however the 40X objective can also be used for this.

The 100X objective is used at the end of the dark field analysis when very high magnification is needed to look at an individual cell or microbe. This is not essential as in the majority of cases the most important anomalies are observed with the 40X objective. These objectives can always be added at a later stage, since there is space available for them.

If you would like more information or would like to place an order, please contact me info@livebloodlondon.co.uk

New Improved Camera Available

This new camera offers a better, truer image quality (what you see through the eyepieces is what you see on the screen), improved ease of use as the camera automatically adjusts between brightfield, darkfield and dry blood settings (no need to manually adjust exposure settings) and a faster frame rate, ensuring less lag in the live video feed.

Price $985.

Delivery: DHL: $69 and Airmail: $55.




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