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The CMA is a Global Force:

Complementary Medical Association Membership in all categories is available internationally – so wherever you live in the world, you can benefit of the advantages of CMA Membership in all categories.

The CMA is an amazing organisation – doing invaluable work for our Members and we need your support.

Whether you are a fully qualified, professional complementary medical practitioner, student, training course provider or you work within the profession in a company offering the very highest standards of products and services, you really should Join The CMA today!

Supplier Membership

The Complementary Medical Association has a great deal to offer ethical companies and organisations who wish to work in partnership with us. The Complementary Medical Association is highly selective about the companies that we work with and will only offer CMA Approved Supplier Membership to those companies that we wholeheartedly believe to offer the very best products and services.

Practitioner Membership – Together We Are Stronger

If you are a professionally qualified, top complementary medical and Natural Healthcare practitioner we would welcome YOUR support in helping us to represent You and Your Therapy’s successes to a wider audience.

As well as fighting off attacks on our profession – from whatever source – we also seek to actively and publicly promote the positive, successful face of Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare – as practiced by some of the top professional practitioners in the world.

College Membership

Be a CMA Registered Training College – and get the recognition and rewards you deserve for your Professionalism and Teaching Qualifications. And Help The Complementary Medical Association Stand Up for the Right of your graduates to Practice Successfully.

 We are a Member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), UK

Live Blood Online has been accepted by the Complementary Medical Association in the UK as a Registered College Member. This means that all students from any of the Live Blood Online Training courses will be accepted for full membership to the CMA with all the rights and privileges this brings to the student

Become a Member of The Complementary Medical Association TODAY.

You’ll receive a whole host of unique member benefits and you’ll help support the incredible work of The CMA. 

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We’d love to welcome you as a valued Member!

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