We supply the best microscopes for live & dry blood analysis. This is something that’s quite important to discuss, because there are many microscopes on the market that claim to be darkfield microscopes, but they won’t be suitable for LBA. Remember that darkfield is not exclusive to LBA, it’s a technique that’s been used in microscopy for many years. However, the researchers that started working with LBA in darkfield found that there are a very specific set of requirements for a microscope to be suitable to analyse live blood in darkfield. Most commercially available darkfield microscopes don’t have the necessary specifications, so this is a potential pitfall. Having studied LBA and having worked with many different microscopes myself, I’ve researched this expensively and have ensured that the microscopes we offer have the best specifications for LBA. There are many unique features in our systems that are not available on other microscopes, so we believe that any other system is to some extent a compromise. We actually have a separate webinar on this subject, where we explain what you need to look for in a LBA microscope system.