Do I need to have a microscope to join the training course

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You don't need a microscope to join the training course but you will need it to submit your case study after the training course ends, to receive your certificate.We recommend you watch the video HERE before buying your microscope, darkfield microscopes for LBA are very specialised and we want to help attendees avoid making any [...]

Could you give me a brief outline of the course and how it is presented?

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The 12 weekly interactve online lessons are presented via GotoWebinar, they consist of in-depth information, videos and pictures describing, explaining and discussing the material in the manual. Questions are posed and answered throughout the lesson and a video recording is then sent out to attendees after the live webinar for those in fifferent time zones [...]

Would the online training be the best way to take the course or would I need hands on class?

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Online training has many advantages: This online training course consists of live interactive lessons and video recordings so attendees can study anywhere in the world in any time zone. Online training does away with expensive travel and accommodation costs to travel to an in-house training centre where practitioners find they have to learn a huge [...]

What makes this course different from other courses?

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This training course draws from a variety of researchers, whereas other courses only offer one researcher’s viewpoint so you are likely to encounter a lot of information that is not covered in any other single course. This course is online, interactive, with live lessons and video recordings so attendees can study anywhere in the world. [...]

Do you teach phase contrast or darkfield?

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The microscope systems we use are fitted with brightfield and darkfield, so the images you’ll see in the course materials would be either brightfield or darkfield. Phase contrast was developed as a less expensive option to darkfield, but even with the best phase contrast microscope systems you won’t be able to see everything you can [...]

What are some of the common problems that people experience in setting up the new live blood analysis practice?

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The most common problem is not having the right equipment. Live blood analysis darkfield microscopes are very specialized so the microscope system needs to be up to the correct specifications to be able to use LBA to its full potential. We often see practitoners who want to add LBA to their practice, but who don’t [...]

How much experience does a person need to start practicing LBA?

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You need to have enough practical experience with the microscope to be able to use the equipment easily and proficiently. You will also need to practice on yourself and anyone willing to let you practice on them until you feel confident enough in your abilitiy to take a good sample. Then you will need to [...]


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