Of the 3 variations of Microscopy explained in Module 1, (Darkfield, Brightfield & Phase contrast, which do you personally use and find most useful? Please explain.

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We use only darkfield and brightfield as it allows for all the anomalies to be seen. Phase contrast is not used in our microscopes and training as it doesn’t allow for any other anomalies to be detected and is used mainly to avoid the cost of a professional darkfield system. We can add a phase [...]

Does the monitor come with the microscope? Or do we need to purchase a monitor? If so do you have recommended specs for SID monitor?

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The monitor is not included in the package. Any full-HD LED computer monitor with a HDMI input will be suitable. We usually recommend getting one by any well-known brand, ideally at least 24 inches large (since it’s a full-HD video you can get a monitor much larger than 24 inches if you like).

I am much more attracted to the darkfield images. What would you say are the advantages of the brightfield assessment that the darkfield does not provide?

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Darkfield is far more interesting and often determines the course of action in a case, but it is important to first scan through the sample in brightfield. Brightfield is simpler to work with, so it’s easier to focus the sample and scan through it to select a suitable area. It is also easier to differentiate [...]

Which microscope do you recommend using for LBA, brightfield or dark field? Which one is best?

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A darkfield and brightfield microscope is required to be able to see all the anomalies in live and dry blood analysis. This is our recommendation: The HDMI-LED Live Blood Analysis System is our top of the range system, featuring the latest LED illumination and high-definition imaging system https://livebloodonline.com/microscopes/ This microscope includes the latest LED illumination [...]

Does it come with a case

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No, your microscope is delivered in strong polystyrene packing case only.We found that adding a case makes the microscopes heavier to deliver to you and more expensive. We suggest finding a wheeled airline cabin bag of the appropriate size and buying foam off-cuts for padding makes a good solution for portability.

What size lancet does one use?

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Information on the accessories needed for live blood analysis is available on the online training site, just before module 2 of the training manual. Lancets: Single-use sterile lancets, 28G 1.8mm. Unistik 3 by Owen Mumford is widely available. The depth cannot be adjusted on these units, but there are various standard depths available in the [...]

What is the income potential doing liveblood analysis? Can it be measured by population? I must plan how to pay off the microscope.

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The actual figures depend on what you’re charging, which varies from country to country. Because it is such a powerful drawcard and clients become more committed to following the recommended protocols, and also since they usually want to take something to help resolve what was seen in their blood, most practitioners are able to recover [...]


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