Do you sometimes feel like you’re working in the dark when treating chronic cases? Many practitioners do – including very experienced practitioners. This is because chronic cases typically take a long time to respond to treatment, and clients don’t notice an improvement in the first few months of treatment. Most successful practitioners rely on years of experience to know that their treatment is working. However, even these practitioners struggle with poor patient compliance, because if patients don’t feel better they lose faith and start looking for other alternatives.

  • How do you determine what the treatment is doing?
  • Is your treatment addressing the most important, fundamental issue in the patient’s case?
  • Have all the contributing factors and variables in the case been considered?
  • How is the client’s diet and lifestyle influencing the effectiveness of your treatment?

These are some of the questions that natural health practitioners struggle with every day. Well, those natural health practitioners who are not using live blood analysis.

Live blood analysis can clearly show if treatment is progressing in the correct direction. Changes seen in the client’s blood samples will indicate whether the case is improving, and the abnormalities seen in the client’s blood samples will highlight the most important areas to focus on. One of the most powerful additional benefits is that the client can see for themselves that their condition is improving, so they remain motivated and compliant during the whole treatment process, ensuring positive results in every case.

This is an example of a typical live and dry blood sample before and after treatment. The blood samples are clearly improving, indicating that the client’s health is improving at a cellular level:

Observe the changes as they are taking place in the cellular environment, at the most fundamental level, during treatment.

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