Click here to view the latest webinar where Dr Okker discusses and advises on the best ways to amalgamate & integrate this very valuable tool into your practice.

This webinar is for live blood analysis practitioners as well as anyone interested in or considering studying live blood analysis.

This webinar is for practitioners who have not yet studied live blood analysis and are considering it, this will most likely be one of the most valuable tests or modalities that you will add to your practice.

As practitioners working in the field of natural medicine and nutrition, we need something to allow us to identify and track specific imbalances in our clients’ health, and because we are working on a completely different level from conventional medicine, the normal laboratory tests & investigations are of very little use to us. So we are often at a disadvantage, because we don’t always have the necessary tools to analyse and monitor our clients, and often rely on subjective information from the client, as well as our own experience. But in many cases, we are working in the dark, because we are not able to get the objective information that we need to confirm our suspicions, or to point us in the correct direction in every case. This is where live blood analysis is invaluable.

Live blood analysis identifies those specific imbalances that we as natural health practitioners need to identify to effectively work with our clients. Live blood analysis enables you to see exactly where the client’s problems are stemming from, you can show this to your client in a simple way that they will understand, and you can measure and track the progress during treatment. There really isn’t anything else like it, and I believe that every practitioner working in the field of natural health should be using it. Dr Okker Botha