Chondrits and Ascits in live blood analysis

By |2022-04-13T12:24:54+01:00April 13th, 2022| Chondrits are motile, thread-like growth forms that appear free in the plasma, or may be seen emerging from RBCs. They can occur as loose threads, intertwined threads and bunches of threads. Ascits look like thin, tube-like worms in darkfield microscopy. They can also assume a rigid, stalk-like appearance. These are considered to be [...]

What does seeing oval shaped red blood cells mean?

By |2021-09-02T11:51:52+01:00September 2nd, 2021|

  Elliptocytes (oval shaped red blood cells) are often observed together with anisocytosis (larger and/or smaller than normal red blood cells), this could be an indication of iron, vitamin B12 and/or folic acid deficiency. Elliptocytes on their own could be an indication of hormonal imbalance, endocrine problems (including PMS), menopause, pregnancy and other [...]

3 Ways to Motivate Your Patients/Clients to Better Health

By |2021-11-29T16:09:15+00:00July 30th, 2021|

Are you looking for a way to assess your clients more accurately, while at the same time motivating them to make the necessary changes?  Live blood analysis (Naturopathic Microscopy) is revolutionising many natural health practices all around the world by giving practitioners the edge they need to achieve better results in practice. EQUIPMENT: Buy now [...]

Is Rife Technology The Next Wave in Lyme Treatment

By |2021-07-23T13:07:56+01:00July 23rd, 2021|

The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) estimates that some 300,000 people will contract Lyme disease this year.  Many will go undiagnosed, be misdiagnosed, or receive inadequate treatment.  The path back to wellness from this illness is not always straight or well-defined. If the prescribed antibiotics are unable to eradicate the disease, a search for nontraditional [...]

Bugs as Drugs

By |2021-07-23T12:20:42+01:00July 23rd, 2021|

Bugs as drugs - Harnessing the power of microbes as therapeutics! Bacteria and viruses are not always categorized as harmful microorganisms. In fact, these groups of microbes can be beneficial and can actively participate in many biological processes. With the perception of microorganisms being our partners, research is now being conducted to use microbes [...]

How to avoid making the 5 most common mistakes when choosing a microscope for live blood analysis

By |2021-05-28T12:39:43+01:00May 28th, 2021| Buying a microscope for live blood analysis can be a daunting task – lots of technical terminology, different specifications and often conflicting claims by various manufacturers.  People usually interested in buying a microscope for live blood analysis don’t have a background in microscopy and because of the amount of information they typically need to [...]


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