Live blood analysis microscope

Not all microscopes are created equally. For optimal performance your live blood analysis microscope specifications need to be suited to its particular application.

Naturopathic microscopy involves the analysis of live and dry blood samples in brightfield and darkfield, each with its own set of unique microscope requirements.

Although most microscopes essentially work on similar principles, there is a great degree of variation in optical configurations, illumination and ultimately image quality. Live blood analysis microscopy in darkfield and brightfield is a highly specialised technique, requiring a very particular set of specifications.

A suitable optical and illumination assembly must be in place to ensure the best results in viewing live blood in darkfield and brightfield.

Any compromise in the setup of the system will result in an inferior image and the user not being able to detect all the important anomalies.

Many suppliers on the internet claim to supply darkfield and brightfield live blood analysis microscopes suitable for live blood analysis but the supplier’s knowledge is limited. Only a specialist will know the requirements for a live blood analysis microscope.

So it is very important to only buy a live blood analysis microscope form a specialist supplier who understands the requirements and specifications for a live blood analysis microscope that will ensure the best results in viewing live blood in darkfield and brightfield.

Many practitioners make the mistake of buying a microscope from a company that claims their microscopes are suitable for live blood analysis microscopy and then find out that this is not the case, they are not able to see many of the anomalies and therefore not able to perform live blood analysis to its full potential.

It is not that the company is deliberately cheating the practitioner, it is more a lack of specialist knowledge.

If your microscope has not been supplied by us, it’s likely that you won’t be able to detect everything that can be seen in the blood.

Don’t let this happen to you if you are looking for a microscope!

At Live Blood Online we know exactly what specifications are needed in a live blood analysis microscope for it to perform optimally as a live blood analysis microscope system.

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