We are on the first week of the latest online training course where we go through some important information on blood analysis to help our attendees understand what one can and cannot do with this technique.

We also show what we are able to access with his amazing technique.
We look at videos on how to take blood samples correctly in live and dry blood analysis (The Oxidative Stress Test).

It is really very important to use the correct technique for taking blood samples for getting reliable and accurate results.

If a practitioner does not prepare the blood samples exactly the same way every time, they will not get accurate and reliable results and sampling becomes variable.
For example, having a regular blood sugar test is not part of prevention – it will only show an imbalance once the body has failed at all its attempts to regulate blood sugar.
When you get an abnormal blood sugar reading it is at quite a late stage already and one should really have had preventative measures in place years before the abnormal result.
Live and dry blood analysis detects imbalances that may lead to disease and one can then implement measures to help minimize the likelihood of serious conditions developing in the future.