Next 12 week January 9th 2018


Dates for 2018 Live Blood Analysis training courses:

Tuesday Jan 9th

Tuesday April 3rd

Wednesday May 9th (Advanced Training Course)

Tuesday Sep 18th


Live Blood Analysis Training Courses Information:

Dr Okker, our tutor at Live Blood Online is a registered homeopathic doctor who has been practicing and teaching live blood analysis for 15 years now and has trained many successful practitioners all around the world;

He is very well known & established and is considered one of the leading authorities in the field of Live Blood Analysis. “Our blood analysis courses are training systems for those who want to learn how to use blood analysis to its full potential.”

Live Blood Online offers online training courses as opposed to in-house training, which avoids expensive travel and accommodation as well as offering the advantage of being able to study from your home, office or practice. These courses lasts 12 weeks with 12 one hour enjoyable, interactive live lessons each week presented via GoToWebinar, all our lessons are recorded and the video sent out after the “live” lesson so students can go over the material as many times as they like for as long as they need.

The course draws on information from the leading researchers in microscopic blood analysis in the world.

Students receive 2 wall charts, a 500+ page manual and concise training covering naturopathic, pleomorphic and allopathic perspectives of live and dried blood analysis.

Training covers use of the microscope, correct sampling techniques for live and dried blood analysis, recognition of the anomalies in live and dried blood analysis as well as putting everything together.

Dr Okker is on hand to offer help and advice on choosing the right microscope at the best possible price, he has been putting microscope systems together for many years and is a leading supplier of microscopes all over the world. We also advise on where to acquire all equipment need to practice live and dry/dried blood analysis.

Live Blood Online uses darkfield and brightfield microscopy which is considered superior to phase contrast and enables the student to see many more anomalies than he would be able to see with phase contrast microscopy.

What we offer

An online training site is provided with a huge library of pictures & videos to help students along with lots of useful information to help them in their practice.

We offer our students an on-going membership to a private Facebook page where they can post their findings, ask questions and learn along with all the other present and past attendees of live blood analysis.

On completion of this training course and submission of 2 test cases, our students award a certificate that is well recognised worldwide and accepted by most insurance companies.

We are a proud member of the CMA Complementary Medical Association and we have been accepted by them as a Registered College Member. This means that all students qualifying from Live Blood Online will be accepted for full membership to the CMA with all the rights and privileges this brings to the student.

Students will be offered the opportunity to be listed on the Live Blood Online directory as practitioners that had been successfully trained with them

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