A very interesting webinar to demonstrate and explain how live blood analysis and the oxidative stress test can be of great benefit to you and your practice

Please watch this very interesting video/webinar that demonstrates and explains how live blood analysis and the oxidative stress test can be of great help in your practice by helping you to find health imbalances. Live blood analysis can also be invaluable for monitoring the efficacy of treatment and protocols.


More information on live blood analysis:

The microscopic evaluation of live and dry blood is an indispensable technique used to assess health and a multitude of factors related to poor health at the cellular level. Its history goes back more than 60 years along with the history of the microscope and like the microscope, it is still developing today.
Several independent researchers from across the world have spent hours behind their microscopes, analyzing thousands of samples and making careful observations about the differences between healthy and unhealthy blood specimens, correlating their findings with clinical symptoms and conditions.
What we have gained from all their hard work is a technique unparalleled in its accuracy and unmatched in its reliability.
It has steadily grown in popularity among natural health practitioners worldwide by virtue of the insight it is able to provide on the body’s internal environment, which we refer to as the ‘terrain’.

More information on the oxidative stress test:

Another test used in conjunction with the live blood test to give us a more complete picture of the state of the terrain is the Oxidative Stress Test (OST).
In this test we analyze a series of samples taken from one drop of blood and allowed to dry.
Here we look at coagulated blood to give us information on deeper, more chronic imbalances and possible degenerative patterns.
Through the different patterns of coagulation we are able to see the effect of acid wastes, toxins and other substances on the system and determine which parts of the body are holding toxins and therefore at risk of degenerative disease.

If you are a practitioner, live and dry blood analysis will add another dimension to your practice!
No other device or form of analysis has such a dramatic impact on patient compliance and interest in their own health.
This test is being used by some of the most renowned natural practitioners around the world, due to its high level of reliability and its usefulness in testing different treatment protocols.

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