Current and Past Attendees2022-08-10T14:43:34+01:00

Current and Past Attendees

How do I prepare and submit my case study?2022-12-14T13:05:42+00:00

How to Submit Your Case Study for Certification and please refer to lessons 10,11 and 12 in the training course where case studies are covered.

What if I can’t do the live online lesson time?2022-07-06T15:30:06+01:00

All the lessons are recorded so you can catch up with the recordings and send any questions in, many students in different time zones do this.

Is posible to acurate determine with LBA food intolerances like eating one single food on empty stomack and see if there is imune triggering or not , low medium or high reaction . Acording to Dr Nick Gonzales RIP the healing ,repairing and longevity depends on the type of metabolism and foods apropiate for each individual , i am actually strong on this idea and i am curios how much help will provide LBA .After finding right type of foods of each individual he balanced those foods based of acidity finding the sweet spot of Ph.2022-07-07T14:51:49+01:00

Food intolerances and how metabolic types react to specific foods play an important role in many of the live blood anomalies. While we are not usually able to tell specific food sensitivities from what we see in a live and dry blood sample, we can see very clear indications that there are food intolerances affecting a client by analysing their live and dry blood. In these cases we usually eliminate the most likely foods from the diet and reassess to see whether the anomalies have improved. It would be possible to test a person’s reaction to a specific food by looking for a negative reaction after they consume the food, but they would need to be very sensitive to the food for the reaction to be obvious. In most cases it’s more practical to eliminate foods and to then look for an improvement in the intolerance indicators.

Do you offer the possibilities to pay in 4 parts? Do you also offer a professional computer programme for this ?2022-07-07T15:28:50+01:00

We can offer you a 2 part payment plan,for the training course, we are not geared up to a 4 part plan.

We are working on a professional computer programme for this

We’re working on a complete live & dry blood analysis software system that will have a number of unique features for live blood practitioners. We’ve just added a new feature, which has delayed the development, but we should have the program available later this year. It will be available at a discounted rate to all our attendees once it’s ready.

I very much prefer a hardcopy manual rather than a USB.2022-07-06T14:31:51+01:00

Most of our attendees prefer to read from a printed copy instead of on a computer. For this reason we’ve enabled printing of the manual, so you’ll be able to print the entire manual, or specific sections. The quality of the images in the manual are very clear and will not lose any clarity with printing. We usually don’t supply a hard copy with the course as it will increase the cost, which means that we won’t be able to offer free shipping of the training materials. However, if you’d prefer to receive a printed manual we can send you one with the flash drive & wall charts at an additional cost of $180.

Does the course tell you how to interpret the blood analysis?2022-07-06T15:43:17+01:00

The course goes into great detail on all the anomalies seen in live blood analysis as well as providing information and recommendations on treatments, protocols, herbal and homeopathic, natural medicines, supplements and lifestyle changes.

To clarify, I can take the course from the recorded version? I do not have to attend the live courses?2022-07-07T14:52:46+01:00

We have attendees all over the world in different time frames who are unable to attend the live lesson and catch up with the recording afterwards at their leisure.

Do I have to be present when the class is being offered live or can I log in and view the recorded sessions at a later convenient time?2022-07-07T15:30:46+01:00

All of the lessons are recorded so you can view the lessons when you want and you may repeat the lessons as many times as you like. This is also very useful if you are in a different time zone or miss a lesson as you will be able to catch up with the video recording. You can take the training course without attending the live lessons, you can post questions on the private Facebook page.

Do you provide wall charts?2022-07-06T14:34:11+01:00

We supply laminated wall charts with the most common live blood anomalies and the most common dry blood anomalies.

So do you only have 12 weeks to complete?2022-07-06T15:46:04+01:00

No. You will receive recordings of the live lessons that you will have access to for reference so you can take as long as you like to complete the training course. The video recordings are available for a year after your training course ends.

As I set out to promote dry blood analysis in particular, I’ve been asked by other holistic practitioners for scientific case studies or information surrounding its efficacy. Can you point me to materials that I can cite, please?2022-07-07T15:03:48+01:00

Please find video below:

Why is LBA not recognised by conventional medicine?

LBA Eficacy & legality

And article:

First Direct Evidence Shows Bacteria Change Shape Inside Humans to Avoid Antibiotics

I hope that helps.
Part of the problem is that mainstream medicine does not recognize many of the health issues seen in LBA.
The 2nd problem is that mainstream medicine only understands diagnosing disease and of course assumes that LBA also diagnoses disease, which of course it doesn’t.

Wikipedia compounds that with a false explanation of LBA.

Do you have support for attendees (either via e-mail, text or live chat)?2022-07-07T15:31:22+01:00

We will send you a link to the online training site where you will find your manual and a library of pictures & videos to help you along with lots of useful information to help you in your practice.

We will also send you an invitation to the private Facebook page where we offer back up and support, you will also be able to post your findings and learn along with all the other present and past attendees of live blood analysis. We also offer email support as well as Skype call.

How do I join the attendees private Facebook page?2022-07-06T14:35:32+01:00
Is there a printed book/manual I could purchase? There are so many anomalies to write down and not many of them are on the printed chart, would be great to have a printed book to be able to flick to if I’m not sure of something.2022-07-06T15:50:20+01:00

We don’t usually supply a printed manual due to the high cost of shipping such a heavy item – it would increase the cost of the course drastically, which means that we won’t be able to offer free shipping of the training materials. If you’d like to receive a printed manual we can send you one at an additional cost of $180 plus $65 shipping. This is obviously quite costly, and since many people prefer to study from printed materials, we’ve added a printable version of the manual on the flash drive (“Manual Print Version.pdf” in the Training Course Manual Folder). When the file is open in the viewer you will be able to print by clicking on File > Print.

I have been reading the manual in Module 1 you talk about immersion oil that is needed to do Darkfield. I’m not finding anymore information about the oil in the manual. So i looked it up on the internet on eBay, they have 2 different types, Type A and Type B and the brands names are Cargille and AmScope. Which type or brand is better to use?2022-07-07T15:05:55+01:00

We usually recommend type A as it has a lower viscosity than type B, and it’s more ideal because there is a small gap between the condenser and slide (type B is recommended where the gap is larger). Type A is also less likely to get air bubbles in the oil.

Are there any requirements or annual dues?2022-07-07T15:32:13+01:00

There are no annual dues We ask you to submit a case study at the end of the the training course for your certificate.

I can’t print the manual What can I do to print it?2022-07-06T14:39:16+01:00
  • The manual can be printed from the online training site.
  • When the manual is open in the reader there should be a print icon at the top right hand side.
  • Clicking on the print icon will open the print menu.
  • We’ve noticed that the print icon doesn’t display in all browsers for some reason. If you don’t see it, please use Firefox as the browser when accessing the training site. Alternatively the manual can be printed from the flash drive, which is provided with the training course.
Is there a chance I can get the manual on paper?2022-07-06T15:54:21+01:00

Many of our attendees prefer to study from printed notes, so we have included a print version of the manual on the flash drive (“Manual Print Version.pdf”). When the print version is open in the reader in the PC Viewer or Mac Viewer app you will be able to click on File > Print to print out the manual. The content in this version is the same as in the modules, but it’s been laid out better for printing.

Is there a chance I can get the manual on paper? I would love to have a paper copy2022-07-07T15:06:51+01:00

Many of our attendees prefer to study from printed notes, so we have included a print version of the manual on the flash drive (“Manual Print Version.pdf”). When the print version is open in the reader in the PC Viewer or Mac Viewer app you will be able to click on file > print to print out the manual. The content in this version is the same as in the modules, but it’s been laid out better for printing.

Is there a test or quiz after each module on the online training site?2022-08-15T15:44:50+01:00

There is a test after each module of the training manual on the online training platform. The tests cover the content in the preceding module and consist of multiple choice and yes/no questions. The passing grade is 70% and you will be able to access the tests as many times as needed to achieve a passing grade. Please note that all the test elements are by default visible, but will not be accessible and will appear greyed out. They become accessible as soon as the preceding module has been completed. Attending the live lessons and listening to the recorded lessons will not make the tests accessible – only completing the relevant module of the training manual will unlock the tests.

How long are the live lessons?2022-07-06T14:42:43+01:00

The lessons are approx. 1 hour but often go on for another half hour with questions.

My main interest to day is how you use the analysis?2022-07-06T15:56:38+01:00

Live and dry blood analysis provides a wealth of information about the client’s health at the cellular level. We can see a wide range of imbalances that play a role in the development of disease, and the body’s ability to heal itself. Many of these are affected by lifestyle and diet, so this is a great tool to motivate people to make long-term changes in these areas to improve their health and prevent the onset of disease. It takes the guesswork out of working out a natural treatment program for clients since the most important health priorities are detected in the analysis. Here is some more information on the value of live and dry blood analysis :

Hundreds of practitioners across the world are already using live blood analysis. But you may be wondering if it’s something that will work for you.

  • Will LBA work for me?
  • Do you need to attract more clients?
  • Do you have clients who are not responding to your recommendations?
  • Have other tests and investigations been unrevealing?
  • Are your clients becoming non-compliant with your recommendations?
  • Would actually seeing the underlying cellular disturbances lead to better treatment plans and better compliance?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then LBA will become an indispensable tool in your practice.


Here is a short video where the main benefits of live blood analysis are discussed:

Do you need a special app or program to take the course and interact? Do you interact throughout the course with skype? Or another like program?2022-07-07T15:08:23+01:00

You don’t need any app or programme to take the training course.

We use GoToWebinar to present the course which allows us to use video and power point presentation to present the training course, this is similar to Skype but GoToWebinar allows us to record a copy of each lesson so students can repeat the lesson.

We can answer questions live throughout the lesson.

We also provide a manual, a training site, a private Facebook page and back up and support.

Can the video recordings of the lessons be downloaded/saved?2022-08-10T17:12:23+01:00

The videos recordings can only be viewed by streaming, they cannot be downloaded

We had difficulty printing the manual, PC and Mac version.2022-11-07T15:48:12+00:00

Please print according to the instructions – the print-friendly version must be opened within the PC Viewer (if Windows) or Mac Viewer (if a Mac user) and then sent to the printer by clicking File > Print. In some cases the app is blocked by the system’s antivirus, so it’s also recommended to either disable the antivirus temporarily or to whitelist the app. It should print without any problems then as we test them before sending them out, but please send a screenshot of the error message if there are any problems.

After doing the course is one equipped to be able to give adequate treatment advice ?2022-07-06T16:12:05+01:00

Yes, we provide a detailed list of intervientions under each anomaly, and the last 3 weeks of the course is geared towards understanding how to apply the information from the course in actual clients.

I’ve been going through the training site and have notice that the lessons don’t match with Lessons 1-12 indicated on the following links. I did receive your usb stick with the 500 page manual in it. Is this manual the what we will be working with??2022-07-07T15:12:34+01:00

The modules in the training site generally follow the 12 lessons, but not precisely. The weekly lessons were put together to run for an hour, so in some cases we had to include more or less of what was covered in the modules. For example lesson 3 covers some of the RBC anomalies, which is not in module 3, but module 4. If there’s anything you’re struggling to find, please let me know.

The manual on the flash drive is the course manual. There is a print version on the flash drive, which you can print out if you prefer to study from printed notes. The content is the same as in the modules, so if you prefer to cover it on your computer you can just use the modules. We recommend that attendees read through the relevant parts of the modules / manual before each lesson.

I’m having trouble accessing Module 4 assessment. The only thing not checked off is the Mod 4 training manual. I went through the whole thing by clicking through all the pages. I have the manual printed out so I do not need to read it on the screen. Is there a better way to do this?2022-11-23T11:38:44+00:00

The tests are visible, but will appear grey and will not be accessible, unless the preceding module of the training course has been completed. This is to allow us to track progress to ensure that all the course materials are being covered in the training. The recorded lessons don’t have to be completed to access the tests since many attendees use the link, but the module of the training manual has to be completed to unlock the test. The manual covers much more information than the live lessons, and many of the test questions cover content from the manual.

The system is set to register the module as completed when it’s 90% completed, in case it doesn’t register the last page. If it’s not marking the element as completed it might be from an internet connectivity issue. Please also stay on the last page for at least 1 minute so it can register the module as completed.

If I only have a little bit of time to study each week, can I take my time with each section, even if it means I take years to complete? Would I still be able to eventually get the certificate?2022-07-06T14:46:15+01:00

You may take as long as you like to finish the training course and get your certificate, you will get access to the training videos & modules for a year after the end of the training course but we can always extend that on request.

Can you give me an example of a patient darkfield blood analysis with an example of the type of recommendations or treatment that may be recommended?2022-07-06T16:14:18+01:00

This is a case study – the interventions mentioned in the manual under each anomaly is much more extensive.

How much time do we have to complete the case study?2022-07-07T15:14:33+01:00

We allow for up to a year after your training course ends to submit case studies, but will also extend where necessary.

Do we get some form of certification that we finished/attended the course?2023-01-04T11:54:53+00:00

You will be sent a Complementary Medical Association Accredited certificate on completion of the training course and submission of a case study.

Case studies are covered in lessons 10, 11 and 12

Please see

I need some sort of report to give to the clients after they make their appointments. I normally give them photos of the session, but they are not well versed in what the anomalys mean.2022-07-06T14:47:26+01:00

We have a few report templates on the online training site and on the flash drive. The checklist is useful for practitioners to keep as a printed copy of what they encountered in a client’s case, ideal for physical case files. Most practitioners who compile a report use the concise version as it is quite simple and not very time consuming. There is also not too much information that may be overwhelming or misunderstood by clients like in the full report.

Would the Advanced course be more adapted as I am at present studying Hematology etc…2022-07-07T14:26:09+01:00

The advanced course will only be suitable if you’ve completed our 12-week course, or a similar training course, since you would need all the information from the 12-week course to understand the anomalies covered in the advanced course.

I currently don’t have a practice, I do sell natural products, but I’ve never used a microscope, is this class catered to beginners in the field of nutritional microscopy? In the first weekly class video, I believe it say’s that through out the week it’s best to practice with samples, I’m not sure how I can without a microscope, but would that effect me? not having a microscope throughout the course of this class?2022-07-07T15:15:44+01:00

We often have attendees that start the course without a microscope and only get set up with a microscope during or after the course. We cover the practical aspects of blood analysis in the first week’s lesson, and the rest of the course will concentrate on the theory. Since the lessons are recorded you’ll be able to revise the practical again once you get your microscope.

Will we receive a manual on the 2 part payment plan?2022-07-06T14:48:01+01:00

The manual is available on the training site immediately on receipt of the first payment and on the USB flash drive (printable) which will be sent to you on completion of payment. You will have access to the manual on the training site with the 2 part payment plan.

I am interested in taking the online training course and live blood analysis. Do you offer continuing education credits for this course? I live in the state of Washington in the United States.2022-07-07T14:36:53+01:00

We do have continuing education via the facebook page (informal) and the advanced course, but there are no credits like with universities. A certificate is issued after the advanced course, and we will produce other advanced courses in future as new information become available.

Are the classes live? What time/timezone are they aired? Does a faculty member monitor the Facebook group?2022-07-07T15:18:33+01:00

The classes are live and interactive with videos and pictures, you may ask questions throughout.

The training course is held at 7pm (UK time) and runs for 12 weeks (weekly live webinars of approx. 1 hour)
Dr Okker your course tutor monitors and answers questions on the private Facebook group which is for past and present attendees.

I’m wondering how long we will have to access the live courses as I missed a couple of them also when we take the test for certification?2022-07-06T14:52:54+01:00

You will have access to the video recordings of the lessons for a year after the training course ends. You will need to submit a case study for your certificate, you will find all instructions in lessons 10, 11 and 12 and here is a video guide below.

How to Submit Your Case Study for Certification

For someone working with a naturopath doing blood analysis, do you have a form that you use to detail your findings for the doctor?2022-07-07T14:37:29+01:00

If you’re referring to a naturopath familiar with LBA you can use the detailed live blood analysis report. We have a template in the reports folder on the online training site and flash drive, which you can use. Remove the non-relevant anomalies and you can then insert your client’s images into the corresponding areas in the report.

Is it possible to take the course and then be on my own to find a microscope that I am able to purchase?2022-07-07T15:21:26+01:00

You may take the training course and purchase your microscope later. We do suggest that you check with us that the microscope you choose is suitable for live blood analysis

I received my flashdrive today and noticed the files are for a MAC. I have a PC. I cannot open the files.2022-07-06T14:56:15+01:00

The flash drives are definitely compatible with PC – they are tested on a PC before they’re sent. Please have a look at the instructions in the video below, which shows how to access the files on the drive. Since it’s not a standard USB flash drive the files have to be accessed in the correct way.

USB flash drive instructions: 

Is there any document such as a “ Disclaimer or Legal Waiver” to be sign by the patient before we start the LBA?2022-07-07T14:39:28+01:00

Yes, you can find it at the end of the client questionnaire (in the Questionnaire folder on the online site), and also at the end of the report templates (in the Reports folder).


How long does each class last? Is there anyway for me to navigate around that time? I am at work during those hours?2022-07-07T15:22:30+01:00

The lesson lasts around an hour. We have attendees all over the world in different time frames who catch up with the recording afterwards

Do I have access to the recordings for longer than 12 weeks so I can review if I want?2022-07-06T15:00:09+01:00

You will have access to the recordings for a year after the training course.

Is the certificate valid to my Practice in Florida? Is the certificate enough to practice or we need a license as well?2022-07-07T14:40:39+01:00

Your certificate will state that you have attended the live blood analysis training course and trained as a live & dry blood microscopist. You will need to find out your local regulations regarding live blood analysis.

So do you only have 12 weeks to complete? At the end of 12 week course what will you be able to do?2022-07-07T15:24:27+01:00

You will receive recordings of the live lessons that you will have access to for reference so you can take as long as you like to complete the training course.

At the end of 12 week course you will have completed the training course or have access to the recordings of the live lessons to complete it.
On weeks 9, 10 and 11 we show you how to create a case study for submission, we then issue your certificate.
During the training course we will be showing you the importance of choosing the right microscope and advising you on buying the right microscope to practice. You will have your 2 wall charts, access to the training site, manual, pictures, videos, instructions etc. and you should be ready to begin practicing live blood analysis.


How do we see our test results (which answers we missed) so that we may correct our mistake in understanding?2022-07-06T15:23:37+01:00

This is a setting on the test elements that need to be changed on our side. It should currently show you the correct answers after passing the test (it won’t show the correct answers until a passing grade has been achieved for obvious reasons). Please let me know if you’re not seeing the answers, and which test you noticed it on. I’ll then check the settings for you.

Is there a software analyse of the blood sample2022-07-07T14:41:24+01:00

At this stage there isn’t a software available that automatically analyses the sample. We have looked into this, but it is a challenge since the user still needs to know which parts of the sample to look at, and several areas of the sample need to be assessed. Perhaps in the future something like this will become available. We are working on software that will automate the reporting process, and to manage the client information. This should be available later this year.

Could you please advise the break down of live blood vs dry blood?2022-07-07T15:25:57+01:00

The breakdown is approx. 50-50. We’ll cover case studies (these all contain both live & dry blood images), and a review of the mechanisms behind dry blood anomalies. Most of the course is focused on case examples from practice to highlight specific anomalies seen in complex cases, and case management.

Are we able to retake the test if we had a score lower than passing?2022-07-06T15:24:30+01:00

Yes, as many times as needed.

Can I make a career living from this? Will I be able to detect cancerous cells in the blood? Will my certification be recognized internationally?2022-07-07T14:48:55+01:00

Many practitioners use this as their main assessment technique when working with their clients. It is a feasible business in itself, since there are a large number of imbalances that can be detected in the blood, and most can be managed by the practitioner using specific herbal supplements and dietary & lifestyle changes. It also complements any other natural health modality, including other types of tests and treatments, nutrition, detox treatments, etc, so it can easily be combined with other modalities.

Cancer cells can’t be detected in the blood since they are usually in very low percentages, even in advanced forms of cancer. However, there are signs in the live and dry blood that indicate cancer risk, so it is something we consider when those signs are observed during an analysis. In these cases further tests are required to confirm a diagnosis. These anomalies can also be used to assess the progress during treatment in cancer cases.

Our course is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association – UK). There are no regulations internationally that stipulate what form of accreditation is required to practice LBA. As long as you practice within the normal scope of LBA and have a certificate to prove you’ve completed formal training there won’t be any restrictions. Currently with the CMA accreditation our course has the highest accreditation available for LBA.



Do we receive another more advanced Manual with the advanced course?2022-07-07T15:26:34+01:00

There won’t be a separate manual as such for the advanced course, but there will be printable notes in PDF format for each of the 6 lessons that will be supplied.

What is the typical length of the training webinars each week? I have set up my schedule to give me a little more than one hour for watching the training. Please let me know so I can modify my schedule appropriately.2022-07-06T15:29:18+01:00

The lessons are approx. an hour but lesson 1 tends to run over as there are often many questions.
One hour and twenty minutes would be a good estimate and you will receive the recording of the lesson later if you have to leave earlier.

Does the training course include blood typing?2022-07-07T14:49:32+01:00

We don’t cover blood type testing in the course, but we do consider the blood type in recommending dietary changes when we see signs of food sensitivities. We provide specific dietary guidelines in the course for each blood type. Practitioners usually use the home test blood type kits to test for the blood type. They’re quite easily available and are simple to use.

I am interested in learning and integrating LBA in my practice. I am not sure how well received is the practice of live blood analysis with our existing laws and regulations in California.2022-07-07T15:27:38+01:00

There is no regulatory body for live blood analysis.

We teach many practitioners all over the USA including California, as far as we are aware live blood analysis is allowed to be practiced in California. The procedure is with a lancet on the finger so no blood is drawn.


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