Do I need to have a microscope to join the training course2022-03-22T15:50:25+00:00

You don’t need a microscope to join the training course but you will need it to submit your case study after the training course ends, to receive your certificate.We recommend you watch the video HERE before buying your microscope, darkfield microscopes for LBA are very specialised and we want to help attendees avoid making any expensive mistakes.

What is the income potential doing liveblood analysis? Can it be measured by population? I must plan how to pay off the microscope.2022-07-10T15:22:25+01:00

The actual figures depend on what you’re charging, which varies from country to country. Because it is such a powerful drawcard and clients become more committed to following the recommended protocols, and also since they usually want to take something to help resolve what was seen in their blood, most practitioners are able to recover the cost of the microscope within 2-4 months. We can help to work this out a bit more accurately if you know what other natural health practitioners in your area are charging for a 1 hour consultation.

Do you supply the microscopes?2022-09-09T14:42:42+01:00

Yes we supply microscopes for all your needs in Live & Dry Blood Analysis, please see our microscope page.

What size lancet does one use?2022-07-10T15:25:33+01:00

Information on the accessories needed for live blood analysis is available on the online training site, just before module 2 of the training manual.


Single-use sterile lancets, 28G 1.8mm. Unistik 3 by Owen Mumford is widely available. The depth cannot be adjusted on these units, but there are various standard depths available in the brand, ranging from Gentle (30G 1.5mm) to Extra (21G 2.0mm). We recommend Unistik 3 Comfort (28G 1.8mm), but you should choose the type that allows you to get blood samples easily, without needing to squeeze the finger.


How much is the microscope used in the training course and how is it purchased and shipped to United States?2022-07-10T14:48:37+01:00

You can purchase the microscopes from us with the confidence that we will provide the training and support in setting up your microscope.

You will find the microscope information and prices HERE 

We recommend option 1) HDMI-LED Dark Field Microscope LBA Package. This is our top of the range system, featuring the latest LED illumination and high-definition imaging system. Microscope Brochure

We highly recommend that you watch the video in the above link. This explains the importance of buying the right microscope which of course is a big investment so we don’t want our attendees to make any expensive mistakes

Unfortunately, we have seen many students who have bought from companies who say their microscopes are for Live Blood Analysis when it is clear most companies don’t fully understand the critical specifications needed for Live Blood Analysis.

All microscopes have a 2 year warranty, we are currently offering free international shipping by courier.


Is there a payment plan for the Microscope?2022-07-10T15:26:10+01:00

We can offer you a payment plan for the microscope but we will only be able to deliver on completion of payment.

Are the parts and maintenance available in United States?2022-07-10T14:55:45+01:00

We have a network of affiliated service and repair agents available in most countries. However, the microscopes are built to be reliable and durable, and require minimal servicing. The majority of our clients are able to use their microscopes for many years without the need to contact a service agent.

Does it come with a case2022-07-10T15:35:57+01:00

No, your microscope is delivered in strong polystyrene packing case only.We found that adding a case makes the microscopes heavier to deliver to you and more expensive. We suggest finding a wheeled airline cabin bag of the appropriate size and buying foam off-cuts for padding makes a good solution for portability.

What if the microscope is broken during shipment?2022-07-10T14:56:34+01:00

In terms of the repair procedure, we usually don’t encounter any problems since the microscopes are durable and reliable, however we do provide support should there be any issues and your microscope has a 2 year warranty.

Could you send the weight of this microscope and the dimensions of the box.2022-07-10T15:38:15+01:00

The weight of the box is 8kg (17,5lbs)
The box is usually 31 x 36 x 54 cm (12 x 14 x 21 inches).
Shipping with DHL is free with our microscopes, so you won’t have to pay or arrange for shipping separately.”

Do you have service and repair agents available in Australia?2022-07-10T14:57:13+01:00

We have a network of affiliated service and repair agents available in most countries. However, the microscopes are built to be reliable and durable, and require minimal servicing. The majority of our clients are able to use their microscopes for many years without the need to contact a service agent.

Which microscope do you recommend using for LBA, brightfield or dark field? Which one is best?2022-07-10T15:39:42+01:00

A darkfield and brightfield microscope is required to be able to see all the anomalies in live and dry blood analysis.

This is our recommendation:

The HDMI-LED Live Blood Analysis System is our top of the range system, featuring the latest LED illumination and high-definition imaging system https://livebloodonline.com/microscopes/ This microscope includes the latest LED illumination (9W, equivalent to 90-100W halogen) and a high-definition HDMI-USB camera.

Price: $6,920 (USD)

Please find the brochure HERE

Why are your darkfield microscopes more expensive than many other available online?2022-07-10T14:58:37+01:00

Our darkfield microscopes are built specifically for darkfield analysis of live blood samples. Other darkfield microscopes do not have the necessary set of features for proper darkfield analysis of live blood. They may be suitable for viewing other samples in darkfield, but when it comes to analysing live blood in darkfield a very specific set of features are needed in a darkfield microscope.

To allow the practitioner to see and detect all the live blood anomalies in darkfield, a microscope needs to have the following specifications:

1. Light source:
50W halogen (minimum) or 9W LED. Our LED microscopes have a 9W LED light source, which is equivalent to 100W halogen – ideal for darkfield live blood analysis. The strong light source creates sufficient brightness to allow the faint anomalies between the cells to show up clearly against a black background.

Darkfield microscope light comparison

2. Magnification range:
Most anomalies in live blood require a minimum magnification of 1000X to be identified. Standard microscopes provide the same magnification level on the viewing screen as through the eyepieces. This means that a magnification of 400X will be achieved on the viewing screen when the 40X objective is used, and to achieve a suitable level of magnification the 100X objective would need to be used. Standard microscopes feature standard 100X objectives that do not have a built-in iris diaphragm, which allows through too much light and makes it nearly impossible to see anything clearly in darkfield. This means that users inevitably end up using the 40X objective exclusively, and as a result, struggle to identify anomalies properly at 400X.

Our microscopes feature a wide magnification range, with additional magnification to the viewing screen. This allows the user to achieve a magnification of 1600X on the viewing screen with the 40X objective, and an industry-leading 4000X magnification on the viewing screen with the 100X objective.

Darkfield microscope magnification comparison Darkfield microscope magnification comparison

See https://www.neogenesissystems.com/faqs/

I seem to have misplaced my immersion condenser oil. Can you tell me what kind to purchase?2022-07-10T15:41:53+01:00

Darkfield immersion oil

We supply a bottle of microscope immersion oil with our microscopes. Microscope immersion oil is available as Type A and Type B. Type A is recommended, although either will be suitable. The difference is the viscosity of the oil. Type B as a higher viscosity and is more suitable to applications where the oil needs to cover a larger distance between the slide and lens.

Is there any finance available to purchase microscope2022-07-10T15:06:05+01:00

We are not in a position to offer you finance with our microscopes but we do take part payments to suit attendees and deliver on completion of payments.

I am much more attracted to the darkfield images. What would you say are the advantages of the brightfield assessment that the darkfield does not provide?2022-07-10T15:42:38+01:00

Darkfield is far more interesting and often determines the course of action in a case, but it is important to first scan through the sample in brightfield. Brightfield is simpler to work with, so it’s easier to focus the sample and scan through it to select a suitable area. It is also easier to differentiate between the different WBCs and crystals in darkfield. Other than that we rely on darkfield for the rest of the information, so we usually only spend 5-10mins in brightfield and the balance in darkfield.

Do you ship the microscopes to Canada? What would be the estimated wait period?2022-07-10T15:07:57+01:00

We regularly ship microscopes to our attendees in Canada. We use DHL for our microscope shipments – delivery is typically within 3-5 days from the date of shipment. We do have stock at the moment, so we’ll be able to dispatch your order within a few days. The total lead time is usually 7-10 days. We will send a shipment confirmation email with the tracking number as soon as your microscope has been sent. Shipments with DHL are also 100% trackable and the estimated delivery date shown in the tracking results is quite reliable.

Does the monitor come with the microscope? Or do we need to purchase a monitor? If so do you have recommended specs for SID monitor?2022-07-10T15:43:21+01:00

The monitor is not included in the package. Any full-HD LED computer monitor with a HDMI input will be suitable. We usually recommend getting one by any well-known brand, ideally at least 24 inches large (since it’s a full-HD video you can get a monitor much larger than 24 inches if you like).

What is the cost of shipment of the microscope here in USA?2022-07-10T15:13:36+01:00

Shipping is free with the microscope orders, although a nominal fee is usually payable to local customs for import tax. This is approx. $75 USD based on the commercial invoice sent with the order.

Shipment is done from our offices in Johannesburg, South Africa. We check and make a few final adjustments for darkfield to the microscopes here before they’re sent off. The camera is also from a different supplier, which has to be tested with the microscope to ensure that everything is up to standard.

Of the 3 variations of Microscopy explained in Module 1, (Darkfield, Brightfield & Phase contrast, which do you personally use and find most useful? Please explain.2022-07-10T15:44:13+01:00

We use only darkfield and brightfield as it allows for all the anomalies to be seen. Phase contrast is not used in our microscopes and training as it doesn’t allow for any other anomalies to be detected and is used mainly to avoid the cost of a professional darkfield system. We can add a phase contrast kit as an optional extra on our microscopes if it’s something a practitioner needs. However, in terms of what can be seen in the different techniques, the best combination is brightfield and a good quality oil-immersion darkfield system.

Warranty: how long does it currently take to get new parts, approx. what costs for shipment (if you have the info on our country), and how are the repairs done considering we are in another country? Are there any other special terms for our warranty?2022-07-10T15:14:53+01:00

We keep the parts in stock and can dispatch right away, so delivery (also with DHL) would be 3-5 days. There aren’t any shipping costs as this is covered in the warranty. In terms of the repair procedure, we usually don’t encounter any problems since the microscopes are durable and reliable, however we do provide support should there be any issues.

We firstly provide live video support to establish what the cause of the problem is. The majority of queries are related to user error, but if the issue is due to a part that needs to be replaced, a new replacement part will be shipped to you by courier. We will also provide video support to change the part where needed.

If there is a major issue that cannot be fixed by replacing a part, we will source a microscope technician near you who will affect the repair at our own cost. However, we sell microscopes to our attendees all over the world and have not had this situation before. We also realise that practitioners become reliant on their microscopes when they use live blood analysis in their practices every day, so we will ensure that there is as little downtime as possible if anything does go wrong.

Does the warranty go through you, or directly to the manufacturing company?2022-07-10T15:16:26+01:00

The warranty goes through our company Neogenesis Medical Systems.

Are your microscopes approved by FDA, and is such approval needed? I am not familiar with requirements for microscopes, but working with other equipment, we needed to comply.2022-07-10T15:17:08+01:00

FDA registration is not required. We send these under the tariff code for “optical microscopes”, which include all standard laboratory, medical and educational microscopes, so they’re not imported specifically as live blood analysis microscopes. We also cover the regulations around the practice of LBA in the training course.

Do you have an option to add a motorized stage?2022-07-10T15:18:40+01:00

For us the efficiency is important, as we need to assess up to 25-30 people within same day, or maximum in 2 days. The ideal situation is to be able to quickly take a blood sample, record it and then analyse at a later time.

We’ve not supplied these systems with a motorised stage before, but the manufacturers are able to do this. Let us know if you would like a quote.

How long should it take to receive microscope? Is there a tracking number?2022-07-10T15:19:25+01:00

The delivery time is usually 2 weeks. We will email the shipment confirmation and tracking details as soon as it’s available, which will provide a more accurate delivery date and allow you to track the progress of the shipment.

Where can I get a list of accessories needed for the microscope2022-07-10T15:20:17+01:00

The list is provided with your microscope order or you will also find the list on the training site


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