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Heavy Metal Toxicity as seen in Live Blood Analysis

Heavy Metal Toxicity as Seen in Live Blood Analysis Appearance: Heavy Metal Toxicity is seen in Live Blood Analysis as black points at the edge of the layer, or as a dark shore or waves. Cause & Interventions: Heavy metal toxicity can be a result of the environment (pollution, contaminated food, water or air, smoking […]


Dry Blood Analysis – week 9 on the training course

Dry Blood Analysis – week 9 on the training course We are continuing with the dry blood analysis anomalies this week but under a higher magnification. There are quite a few anomalies that can be seen under higher magnification that relate to the degree of imbalance of the terrain. Under higher magnification in the dry […]


Week 8 on the Live Blood Analysis Training Course

We are on week 8 of the live blood analysis training course and now starting to study dried blood cell analysis which is also referred to as the Oxidative Stress Test (OST). In dry blood test analysis (or dried blood analysis), we leave 8 layers (spots) of blood to dry naturally on a slide, we […]


Why Does Live Blood Analysis Get Such Bad Press?

  Click here to watch this short video where Dr Okker from Live Blood Online discusses the reasons why live blood analysis (LBA) gets such bad press along with the scientific evidence for LBA . Some of the reasons that live blood analysis is not recognized are: Firstly, LBA is described as a diagnostic […]