Live Blood Analysis Course – Choosing The Best Training course

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Choosing the best live blood analysis course: There are a number of live blood analysis courses available, either on line or at training centres. So, how do you choose the best one for you? Dr Okker from Live Blood Online has been practicing practising and teaching live blood analysis for 15 years now and has [...]


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THE HISTORY OF DRY BLOOD ANALYSIS (THE OXIDATIVE STRESS TEST) In the 1920s, European medical practitioners added a twist to unconventional microscopy when they began looking at dried blood samples, later called the Oxidative Stress Test. The dry blood spot is considered to be a hologram of the human body, a little like the eye [...]

The Best Microscopes For Live Blood Analysis – Our Microscope Recommendation

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The best microscopes for live blood analysis – We Recommend the Universal NE-2050 Blood Analysis System We have looked at the specifications, price and quality of what is currently available on the market. The 8 reasons for recommending this system are: 1. Convenience: it is easy to set up, transport (if needed) and operate. [...]

How to choose a Microscope

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Not all microscopes are created equally. How to choose a Microscope ? For optimal performance your microscope’s specifications need to be suited to its particular application. Live Blood microscopy involves the analysis of live and dry blood samples in brightfield and darkfield, each with its own set of unique microscope requirements. […]


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