There are literally hundreds of ‘Rife’ machines available. Sadly the vast majority do not do anything remotely like what Rife actually did. How does the man on the street cut through all of this? With great difficulty!

An approach to this problem is to understand some history and apply some common sense.

Dr Royal Raymond Rife:

1. A microbiologist – hence his ability to run a microbiology lab.
2. A machinist – hence his ability to physically make his own microscope/eqipment
3. An optical technician – He worked for years at the Zeiss lens company where he learnt
about microscopes.
4. A former navy officer – where he learnt about Radio Frequency basics.

Contrary to popular belief he was very much in with the academic medical community of his day
working with medical specialists and professors developing his technology and running
mainstream clinical trials. Furthermore he was significantly funded by the ball-bearing magnate of
the day, Henry Timkin. Rife was not some backyard experimenter, there was significant funding
behind him. The famous medical trial is the 1934 trial run together with Dr Milbank Johnson and
Professor Arthur Kendal. In other words he was the darling of the medical establishment (see
history section on until the FDA and the AMA woke up to this incredible
technology. The rest as they say is history. He was quite literally ruined and he and his team were
litigated into oblivion. This all transpired in the late 40’s and by the 50s. At this time doctors were
threatened with imprisonment and/or losing their licenses if they continued using Rife’s technology.
As a result the technology simply and sadly disappeared.

This is all presented in incredible detail on this website, This website was put
together by a transatlantic research group that tracked down one of the above threatened doctors
whilst he was still alive in the 90’s. Thankfully this Doctor kept an original machine at home and
the research group found it in cob-webs in his attic. He kindly agreed to give it to them and they
then spent over 20 years first repairing and then reverse engineering it. This was amazing
detective work and is detailed on the above website.


It is critical to understand that Rife was the only one whose technology got the amazing results
that everyone thinks of when they hear about Rife. It therefore follows that until we know more
than Rife (which we clearly don’t!) we should be doing things exactly the way he did then (as far as
is possible) if we hope to get similar results. Furthermore Rife was very clear that things had to be
done very specifically and very accurately or the technology simply would not work!

NB! This research group is the only group of people that actually got an original machine in their
hands. They show clearly exactly what was coming out an original machine using a spectrum
analyser and an oscilloscope. Everybody else by definition is therefore speculating!

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