Live & Dry Blood Analysis Online Training Course

What Our Students are Saying

“I am really enjoying the course, it is just what I wanted. I find the explanations by pictures and videos very helpful. I am not able to attend all the webinars so I can study the recorded webinars and catch up in my own time.”
Pierre Margetides Naturopath, London

Dr. Berni Massari, USA

“I thought the first module of the training was excellent and am looking forward to the next session. Elizabeth and Dr Okker have been wonderful to deal with. I shopped around looking at systems and was so impressed with the quality of information they offered when making the initial enquiry. They have been so helpful throughout the entire purchasing process.The added advantage of being able to study through Live Blood Online was also helpful cutting down on the need to travel overseas to study.
Being able to purchase a system and then be taught by the doctor who put the system together makes it feel complete and gives me as a practitioner beginning LBA some confidence and certainty.So thank you Dr Okker and Elizabeth for your passion and knowledge on this amazing topic. I look forward to my microscope reaching New Zealand so I can begin to practice.”
Mel Naturopath, Hamilton, New Zealand

“I want to thank both of you for your excellent live blood analysis training course. I’m pretty sure it’s the best course of its kind on the planet. I enjoyed every minute of it and I’m sure I will return and review parts of it in the future. Even without a microscope your course contains wonderfully useful information.“

“I would like to thank you and Dr Okker very much for making this course so thorough and understandable. I appreciate your knowledge and in showing us how to connect the dots in the Live blood cell sample with the signs in the Dry Blood Cell sample. All of this is so exciting!!!”

This is by far the greatest live blood analysis training we have experienced. So grateful.
Linda Rogers Brown

Great class today – it’s really getting into the “meat” of things now & giving me lots of additional information that I didn’t get in the other class I took. Yay! Can’t wait to get the recording!
Liz Kerby

“I just want to congratulate you and the doctor for putting together an excellent system to learn this most valuable science of live blood cell analysis. I’m happy that I choose this live blood analysis online training course because there were several options that I was looking at. Thank you again.”
Donald E. Harris

“From the bottom of both our hearts, Yvonne and I want to thank you and Dr. Okker for this amazing course at such a reasonable price. We have learned so much and are applying your information to our skill set in the clinic with much success. The best part about the course is the ongoing education.”
Ben & Yvonne Perc

I am so happy that I signed up for this Live Blood training course. So interesting and I am enjoying every moment. Thanks
Ena Beukes

“Thank you for this class, I am already learning so much more information than was covered in my last course”
Katie Palmer

“I really enjoyed the first class. Congratulations to you both for the format of the course and the way it is taught.”
Jason Gilbert

“I just want to say that you are doing a great job of explaining and training people in this field. I am learning so much. I like the week to process the material and experiment with people’s blood. The pace is perfect which I think increases retention of the material. Thank you!”
Dawn Wilson

“I love the course. Dr Okker has also been helpful with understanding and explaining my microscope needs.”
Dr. Senior

“I’ve been doing live blood evaluations for over 2 years, I was just frustrated with the limited information about it in the US. Your class and Facebook page has rekindled my interests to learn more about this great technique, especially what you teach about dry layers. I primarily use dark field and phase contrast settings and I find your info fills in some blanks from what I learned before. I had laboratory diagnostics in medical school and your info combined with my previous introduction to live blood evaluations of giving me insight that most practitioners lack.”
Dr. Misak

“I have just watched the first two lessons and am very happy with the content. It is filling in some of the blanks that I had with my other live blood analysis training. Thank you.”
Jennifer Roit

“Thank you for a very effective, informative course that will be very helpful in my nutritional business as I use the live blood cell analysis to help me identify the extent of acidity in the blood and to what extent their digestive system, organ function and lymphatic system is compromised, for example, before I give them recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle habits. “I certainly will be incorporating some of the ideas that you and Dr Okker have shared with us into my nutrition practice. Once again, thank you so much!
Marilyn Lyster Lyster Nutrition

“Thanks. I’ve enjoyed this live blood analysis training course so much! I can see the learning will never end!”
Lorraine Andres

“And many thanks to you, Elizabeth, as coordinator of the program, for all your helpful clarifications and fielding of questions – your excellent skill is much appreciated and important to the success of the program! As well, I’m very impressed with Dr Okker’ s calm, precise, clear way of presenting information and have learned much despite having taking other live blood cell analysis training courses over the years. Live and dry cell analysis is certainly a drawing card in my nutritional business and I have used it extensively in my 18+ years of business. This course has been an excellent refresher and I appreciate so much the way you and Dr Okker work together as a team to bring it all together so cohesively and clearly to us, your students. Appreciatively”
Marilyn Dale

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