We are now on week 4 of the Live Blood Analysis Training Course where we are continuing with red blood cell anomalies.

We are looking at Poikilocytes, Target cells, Simple Membrane Protrusion/Acanthocytes, Echinocytes, Keratocytes, Schistocytes and Anisocytes (below).

We are learning how to identify the anomalies and about why we are seeing them.

We study the causes of the anomalies and then the best way of treating them via dietary changes, lifestyle and natural supplementation if necessary.

We can always refer to the manual and the training site for further information and to find pictures & videos of the anomalies.

Anisocytes are often associated with B12 deficiency and a client showing anisocytes will often suffer from fatigue.

Our tutor explains that the fatigue is due to 2 factors, read more here