What Can Live Blood Analysis Do To Help You?

Dr Okker – the tutor at Live Blood Online has been teaching LBA as well as utilizing it in his practice for over 20 years now.

He says, “LBA will most likely be one of the most valuable tests or modalities that you can add to your practice”

He goes on to say that “Working without LBA is like a dentist trying to work without an X-Ray machine. It’s possible to do but having an X_Ray machine makes a dentists work much easier – AND – most patients would prefer to see a dentist that has all the necessary tools available to him or her”

Watch the Q&A session with Dr Okker here.

As practitioners working in the field of natural medicine and nutrition, we need to be able to identify and track imbalances in our client’s health, the normal laboratory tests & investigations in conventional medicine are of little use to us.

Because of this, we are often at a disadvantage because we don’t always have the necessary tools to analyze and monitor our clients, and often rely on subjective information from the client, as well as our own experience.

In many cases, we are working in the dark, because we are not able to get the objective information that we need to confirm our suspicions, or to point us in the correct direction in every case.

This is where live blood analysis is invaluable.

Live blood analysis identifies those specific imbalances that we need to identify to effectively work with our clients, whilst enabling us to see exactly where the client’s imbalances are stemming from.

This can be shown to clients in a simple way that they will understand and we can then measure, track and demonstrate the progress during treatment.

Live blood analysis helps practitioners to assess clients more accurately, while at the same time motivating them to make the necessary changes.

There really isn’t anything else like live blood analysis, and I believe that every practitioner working in the field of natural health should be using it.
Dr Okker Botha