There are a range of problems that can occur from toxicity.

Let’s look at some of the causes of toxicity to understand how the body becomes toxic.

We are going to examine three basic ways the body becomes toxic, it should be noted that although these processes are explained individually they can and do all occur simultaneously.

  1. Toxification by natural waste product.

Toxification by natural waste product is where the body accumulates a build up of the natural waste product from the cell, this is called nucleic waste: Water enters the cell via passive transport, the water then reacts with the Internal Cell Structure and the Nucleus. The product of the reaction between water, Internal Cell Structure and the Nucleus is Nucleic Waste.

This can occur because:

A. Low liver and Kidney function means that waste is not being extracted out of the intercellular fluid  and blood.

When liver and kidney function is low the intercellular fluid becomes contaminated with waste products. Instead of just water entering the cell, the water becomes a combination of water and nucleic waste. This causes changes in the reaction inside the cell. Now there is a water, Internal cell structure and nucleus reaction, which is not how the cell is supposed to work. The cell is no longer operating efficiently and the metabolic energy being used is wasteful.

B. Toxin build-up on the plasma membrane restricts the waste product from leaving the interior of the cells.

External toxin build up happens when toxins begin to accumulate on the outside of the cell. One of the causes of this is when the membrane voltage is poor; the toxins then stick to the membrane. This deprives the cell of the natural flow of water into it and also restricts the exit of the nucleic waste. Once again cell function is compromised so the cell can no longer function correctly. The process is cyclic, the more the toxins build up the less efficient the cell becomes and therefore, the longer this goes on, the harder it is to reverse the process.

There are two processes the body uses to solve this problem.

                      i.Receiving from external sources what is required to raise the membrane voltage.

                     ii.The white blood cells.

      2. Toxification by low level artificial toxins

Toxification by low level artificial toxins is where a toxin penetrates the cell membrane and enters into the internal structure. Toxins can achieve this in times of low cell integrity. White blood cells play a part in this operation.

White blood cells clean the toxins off of the plasma membrane of the cells. White blood cells damage the membrane during the process of removal leaving it temporarily vulnerable and toxins can enter the cell. 

Once a toxin has entered into the internal structure of the cell it causes problems. To eject the toxin the cell requires metabolic energy to perform active transport; that is, the cell needs to use its own energy to eject the invader. If the cell does not have the spare energy to do this, toxins accumulate.

  1. Toxification causing genetic alteration

Toxification causing genetic alteration is the most serious form of cellular contamination that the body may be subjected to. We have already looked at toxins entering a cell and causing problems, but what if that toxin was an artificial hormone or carcinogenic substance?

The problem now becomes a major issue because some toxins have the potential to alter the coding of the cell. When this happens the result is that the nucleus and the internal structure incorporating the extra coding result in a new nucleus and a new internal structure. This is a serious problem.

A lot of the time it takes years before the effect becomes visible to the individual. These types of toxins lead to cancer and genetic disorders. 

Toxification of this nature is difficult to correct but not impossible.

Some of the effects of this type of toxin contamination are already becoming evident in the western world where the use of genetic substances and hormones have been in use without public knowledge for some time now. 

It has become scientific reality that the new genetic pattern is passed on from parents to their siblings.