Not all microscopes are created equally.

Since we specialise in live blood analysis we know exactly what live blood analysis equipment specifications are needed in a live blood system.

Our high quality microscopes are manufactured in Japan to our own specifications, so there are no other systems out there that can compare.

If your microscope has not been supplied by us it’s likely that you won’t be able to detect everything that can be seen in the blood.

These 3 factors set our systems apart from other microscopes:

Strength of the light source

We use 9W LED, equivalent to 100W halogen in the HDLED system, or 50W halogen in the ST50W system. Most regular microscopes use 20W halogen, so the light is simply not bright enough for darkfield.

Type of darkfield condenser

We use an oil immersion darkfield condenser. Cheaper systems usually use a ‘dry’ condenser that provides very poor image quality.

The “on-screen” magnification

Most microscopes are set up so that the magnification on the screen is the same as through the eyepieces. In live blood analysis we prefer to have higher magnification on the screen – up to 4X more than through the eyepieces.

This means that when we use the 40X objective we have 400X through the eyepieces and 1600X on the screen.

In microscopes where the magnification through the eyepieces is equal to that on the screen the result is that the cells appear smaller on the screen.

This is not ideal because you’ll have to use the 100X objective to get close enough to the cells to assess them properly.

Usually the 100X objective is not as clear as the 40X objective and requires oil (which means you’re not able to switch back and forth between 40X and 100X, making the analysis process quite difficult.

The added benefit with the higher on-screen magnification of our system is that a massive 4000X magnification is achieved on the screen when using the 100X objective. Click here to see our microscopes.

Our range of blood analysis microscopes:

Are laboratory-grade research microscopes that feature high quality optics and a superior build quality for unparalleled durability.

We are the only blood analysis equipment supplier that offers a 2-year warranty on our systems.

Our systems have been designed to be especially suitable for all applications in the analysis of live blood.

They can be used in both brightfield and darkfield viewing of blood samples and due to the customized illumination and optical system offer a high degree of brightness and clarity.

They have been designed so that they are easy to use, so practitioners are not distracted from doing the analysis by having to constantly change settings on their microscope.

The systems are also sold with an image management system that allows practitioners to capture and save the blood images on computer.

We have four options to choose from, designed to suit every need and budget:

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