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If you have trained with Live Blood Online & NeoGenesis Systems you may have seen specific products by Neogenesis Health mentioned under the interventions in the manual.

These are the products that Dr Okker has been using personally in his own practice, and they are also used by most of the live blood practitioners in South Africa.

This is how the product range was initially developed.

“About 15 years ago I was in a practice with a few other natural health practitioners. One of the other practitioners was a herbalist who had a large dispensary of tinctures. At the time he was making herbal formulations for me to use in my practice for the most common LBA anomalies. 

We tested and made changes to the formulations as I was using them, and over the course of a few years we had 11 tincture formulas that worked very well in addressing the most common LB anomalies. 

I had better results in practice with these formulas than any other product I had used before, and there are a few reasons why. One of the most important reasons comes down to extract strength. Most tinctures are produced to have a 1:10 extract strength, whereas these tinctures have a 1:5 to 1:3 extract strength. 

The challenge with most tinctures, especially formulations, where a few herbs are combined, is that there is just not enough active ingredient of each herb at the recommended dose to achieve results.

So I was seeing amazing results with these products in my own practice, and at the time we had about 30-40 locally trained LBA practitioners, so we decided to make these products available to them. And that is how Neogenesis Health was formed

Now we have nearly 80 products in the range that include not only tinctures, but also a range of capsules, transdermal vitamins, and a liquid probiotic. 

We supply to natural health practitioners and about 500 independent health stores and pharmacies in South Africa, as well as direct to the public through our website. 

Some of our products are the top sellers in many of our outlets, outperforming many well known international brands, and our practitioners have had great results with them in practice – often in cases where other natural products, as well as conventional medicines have failed. 

For example, many practitioners who have worked with our natural antibiotic, Lamaria, have said that it’s the best natural antibiotic that they’ve ever used. Now with the research being conducted in Germany on Artemisia annua (which is the active ingredient in Lamaria) and Covid19, Lamaria has overtaken all our other products and has become our most popular product.

The research is not being done on Lamaria specifically, but on the active ingredient in Lamaria, which is artemisia annua, or Chinese wormwood. This is being conducted by the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Germany, and they’re testing an extract of Artemisia annua produced by ArtemiLife in the US. 

They’ve actually already shown in in-vitro studies that the extract is active against the Covid19 virus and human studies are now going to start at the University of Kentucky’s academic medical centre.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of this research.” Dr Okker 

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