Live & Dry Blood Analysis Online Training Course

Your Tutor & Presenter
Dr Okker

Your Tutor – Dr Okker Botha

Registered Homeopathic doctor.

Masters: Homeopathy (M.Tech. Hom), HID – Naturopathy (SNSH UK)
Adv. Nutrition (SNHS UK), Adv. Applied Microscopy for Nutritional Evaluation & Correction (NuLife Sciences). Director of Neogenesis Systems.

Dr Okker Botha is a registered homeopathic doctor who has established himself as a leader in Live and Dry Blood Analysis.

Dr Okker has over 14 years experience in his live blood analysis clinical practice as well as training many practitioners world-wide in this exciting technique.

Dr Okker is considered one of the leading authorities in the field of Live Blood Analysis. “Our live blood analysis online training courses are training systems for those who want to learn how to use blood analysis to its full potential.”

Due to the lack of comprehensive training in many countries across the world, many practitioners are under-utilizing this amazing technique.

Compiled by Dr Okker Botha with Live Blood London, the live blood analysis online training course draws on information from the leading researchers in microscopic blood analysis in the world.

The manuals and webinars clearly illustrate the correct blood sampling techniques for both live and dry blood analysis with detailed information and a balanced view on all the various schools of thought on live blood analysis.

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Your Presenter – Elizabeth Clemons

She is well respected for helping many people back to good health in her Live Blood Analysis Practice in central London.

She is a certified Live Blood Microscopist having trained at Neogenesis Systems SA.

She is is a member of CMA (The Complementary Medical Association) & CThA (The Complementary Therapists Association)

She also holds a diploma in Anatomy Physiology and Pathology. Elizabeth is also certified in Biological Flow Sytems Auditing (Human Flow Analytics via Biological Terrain Analysis, Soil Agronomy & Biological Ionation, Lipid & Cell/Gel Membrane Dynamics, Zeta Potential, ANS & pH Control System Science).

Practitioners certified by Live Blood London & Neogenesis Systems have been trained to a very high standard and level of proficiency.

On completion of the live blood analysis online training course and submission of 1 test case, attendees will be presented with a certificate from Live Blood London & NeoGenesis Systems.