Week 1 on the Live Blood Analysis Online Training Course

Week 1 on the Live Blood Analysis Online Training Course

In week 1 of the Live Blood Analysis Online Training Course we are learning how to use the microscope and get a perfect blood sample every time.

Consistency is very important in live blood analysis for for best results.

We are learning a lot about live blood analysis (LBA), especially how valuable and helpful it is as part of a preventative approach

Many of the so-called preventative measures are really just early detection measures.

For example, having a regular blood sugar test is not part of prevention – it will only show an imbalance once the body has failed at all its attempts to regulate the blood sugar.

When you get an abnormal blood sugar reading it is at quite a late stage already and one should really have had preventative measures in place years before the abnormal result.

“LBA detects imbalances that may lead to disease and one can then implement measures to help minimize the likelihood of serious conditions developing in the future.”

One of the questions we often get asked is – “Why is the visual impact of LBA so important?

“The visual impact of LBA is very important. It was shown in a study that people who were given the actual images of their damaged arteries were much more likely to make necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle than those who only saw the images once.”

“Being able to see the impact of poor dietary and lifestyle choices and to refer back to those images has a very powerful effect on keeping us motivated.

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“I am really enjoying the course, it is just what I wanted. I find the explanations by pictures and videos very helpful. I am not able to attend all the webinars so I can study the recorded webinars and catch up in my own time.” – Pierre Margetides Naturopath, London

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