This week we are going through all the various growth forms described in Pleomorphism.

There are 4 stages of development in Pleomorphism, with various growth forms found in each stage.

Only the first stage is apathogenic, the other 3 are associated with some degree of imbalance and tendency to disease.

It is important to recognise the various growth forms, whether they are really organisms or something else is not as important as the fact that they would not have been there if the terrain had been in balance.

There is enough evidence to show that advanced pleomorphic growth forms only occur in advanced cases of acidosis so we can use the various pleomorphic forms as indicators of how severely out of balance the terrain is.

And of course, seeing less advanced forms of development in subsequent visits indicates that the terrain is improving.

Seeing bacteria in live blood is something of a controversial issue in LBA.

Click here for some very interesting research conducted in Canada and published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology proving that bacteria are in fact present in the blood.

 According to conventional medicine, bacteria will only be seen in the blood in septicaemia – so definitely not in clients who were able to come to see a LBA practitioner..

However, various types of bacteria are clearly visible in live blood of patients who are not suffering from septicemia and whose clinical situation correlates with the known imbalances associated with the presence of bacteria in blood samples.

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