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Live Blood Analysis Practitioners

Live Blood Analysis Practitioners What do live blood analysis practitioners do? Live blood analysis practitioners observe their clients live blood cells on a screen with the use of a high powered specialized blood analysis microscope with camera. A tiny pinprick of blood is put on to a glass slide and then viewed on the screen. […]

Dried Blood Analysis

Dried Blood Analysis Dried Blood Analysis or the Oxidative Stress Test (OST) was developed in Europe in the 1920’s and has since been used by medical practitioners and naturopaths in many countries across the world. In the 1930’s NATO physicians, Dr Heitan and Dr La Garde, introduced Dried Blood Analysis to Dr Bowlen (head of surgery at […]

Live Blood Analysis Microscope for Sale

We have a dark field microscope for sale that  has been put together especially for live blood analysis practitioners who need a fully-capable brightfield & darkfield blood analysis system at the best possible price. This entry-level microscope system has been designed to give practitioners all the essential features to allow live blood analysis practitioners to […]

Week 6 on the live blood analysis online training course – pleomorphic growth forms

We are now on week 6 of the live blood analysis online training course and studying pleomorphic growth forms in the blood. Various pleomorphic growth forms can be observed in darkfield microscopy such as rod-form bacteria above. ROD-FORM BACTERIA IN THE BLOOD In Live Blood Analysis we view the clients live blood magnified on to […]

Week 5 on the Live Blood Online Training Course- white blood cell viability

We are on week 5 of the Live Blood Online Training Course and looking at white blood cells White blood cell (WBC) viability is one of the most important assessments used to determine the state of the immune system. White blood cell explanation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Gf4Kq1Bgbc The main criteria used for determining the viability of a neutrophil […]

pH of urine and blood

pH of urine and blood The pH of urine and blood is extremely important and is now, more and more, being considered an important indicator of one’s health. In The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Robert O. Young, Ph.D. & Shelly Redford Young, we find this statement: “the single measurement most […]

Live blood analysis training

Live blood analysis training There are a limited number of places for Live Blood Analysis training around the world, at Live Blood Online we offer live blood analysis training online via interactive webinars. The Live Blood Online Live blood analysis training course can be taken at your leisure, anywhere in the world where there is […]